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Question 1. Can I purchase One Desert Jet Turner at bookstores and is the book available in the library?
Question 2. What inspired Earl to write One Desert Jet Turner?
Question 3. "How does Jets Press price its books?"
Questions 4 and 5. I am a separated fighter aircraft mechanic. Will Jets Press consider my manuscript for publication?
Question 6. Tell me about the photo on your home page.

Question 1. "Can I purchase One Desert Jet Turner at bookstores and is the book available in the library?"

Answer: The book is available primarily online. Jets Press serves our readers with direct online ordering and home delivery exclusively through

eBooks are also available on Amazon®, Google play, iTunes/iBookstore, and Barnes and Noble®.
Online distribution of the paperback version will continue to be our focus.

Many municipal, high school, and university libraries own the book or can obtain it through interlibrary loan. You may also read portions through what could be considered an "online library" Google books.

If you are the customer of a bookstore, museum, or library that should offer One Desert Jet Turner, please have their buyer fax us a purchase order or contact us at or facsimile (718) 740-5933; phone (718) 740-2079.

Question 2. "What inspired Earl to write One Desert Jet Turner?

Answer: Quoting Earl:

"One Desert Jet Turner grew from a realization that our fighter history is so tied to what we do on the ramp, but what we do on the ramp is so superficially presented in most media. I wrote it because I love jets and found the USAF fighter jet experience rich, touching, and worthy of sharing."

"More important than One Desert Jet Turner (ODJT) is Jets Press. Jets Press will publish first-hand, jet-turner accounts that have a highly-human dimension on top of the technical nuggets that fighter enthusiasts enjoy. ODJT is only the first mechanic (crew chief) to throw his hat in the ring at Jets Press."

Learn more about the temperament of fighter aircraft, fighter pilots, and fighter mechanics!
Order your copy now!

Question 3. "How does Jets Press price its books?"

Answer: Book prices at Jets Press must take into account the prices of competitive "fighter mechanic" titles as well as the cost of quality production, distribution, and sales. Despite market pressures, this book is made in the United States of America of 100% USA materials and labor.

Jets Press was established to serve a small and undeveloped reader base. The risks associated with serving this market is high--but we are committed to expanding our line of Fighter Crew Chief titles as the business case permits.

An important aspect of publishing in Niche markets is amortizing costs given small sales volumes over which to divide these costs. The manufacturers of fighter aircraft and high performance sports cars (Supercars) face a similar cost-perception challenge. It's interesting to note that two books on the same shelf of a bookstore that may otherwise "look to cost" about the same to produce may face significantly different cost or amortization challenges.

Your purchase will establish a business case for Jets Press and additional publishers to print the work of fighter mechanics. More titles will expand market interest and have a positive impact on the business stuff we described above.

Rest assured that your purchase only partially offsets our costs in bringing this first work to market. One Desert Jet Turner represents one point of view. Other fighter mechanics with drafts of their points of view are standing by to have their work evaluated/refined for publication, through Jets Press and other publishers. Once again, your purchase will generate a business case to accept additional manuscripts for publication, and thereby round out our presentation of the fighter-mechanic experience. Please see other publishers' mechanic products worthy of similar support on our Links page.

Question 4. "I am a separated fighter aircraft mechanic. Will Jets Press consider my manuscript for publication?"

Answer: Jets Press will accept proposals and manuscripts from veterans (who have retired from the military; or have separated from the military and are no longer in active or inactive reserve status) in the future. However we are currently focused on marketing One Desert Jet Turner. We would be happy to send you a "now accepting proposals" Announcement email as soon as we are prepared to consider additional work for publication if you would write us a brief message. However, staffing and space limitations will require us to discard proposals and manuscripts received before this formal announcement.

Question 5. "I was a member of Army Aviation maintenance and my friend was a member of Naval aviation maintenance. Will Jets Press consider our work when you begin consideration of additional work for publication?"

Answer: We will enthusiastically send the Announcement email described above to veteran Soldiers, Sailors and Marines in addition to Airmen as described in the answer to the above question.

Question 6. "Tell me about the photograph on your Home page."

Answer: This picture of a fighter-aircraft mechanic was taken on the flight line at Nellis AFB in December 1981. The mechanic is facing an F-4D, Serial Number 66-7544 (the F-4 can't be seen in this shot) he was launching, awaiting a signal from the pilot that he is ready to taxi from his parking space to the end of runway. Behind this mechanic, a crew chief and her assistant are recovering a Block 10 F-16A, Serial Number 79-0401 that has just returned from flight. The F-16 pilot was "heads down," positioning switches in preparation for engine shutdown. Both of these aircraft were assigned to the 474th Tactical Fighter Wing, which was in a process of transition from the F-4D to the F-16A. This F-4 flight was the last operational F-4 flight flown by the wing. The 474th TFW was deactivated in the downsizing that took place after the end of the Cold War. The crew chief is wearing the USAF standard David Clark Company noise-attenuating headset. More details of this snapshot in time are shared in our title One Desert Jet Turner.

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